The Meraviglia is curiosity, a point of view and a round table without a head of the table.
Its strengths lie in tailoring projects, in teamwork, in creativity and in networking.

The Meraviglia is copywriting, advertising, photo productions, digital strategy, events, social media management and all things visual and textual storytelling.
Embark on a journey with us… in search of Wonder.

Get to know The Meraviglia team


Arianna Pietrostefani's journey in the world of fashion communication began in 2005 at Rai Studios, where she worked as an author for the "Oltremoda" program and Speciali Rai. In 2018, she was called upon by Vogue Italia to structure and coordinate the content that would become, remaining in charge as a coordinator at Condé Nast until 2017. In 2019, she founded The Meraviglia, a boutique agency specializing in native content focused on aesthetics and a holistic vision, with a tailoring approach and an expert team


Artistic direction requires passion, curiosity, and the ability to capture new trends: "A good conductor pays attention even to the smallest details to create harmonious melodies!" Experiences that convey emotions and meanings through the involvement of professionals, projects based on elements such as art, culture, and advanced digital technologies. The goal is to ensure productions full of wonder and beauty. Achieving ambitious goals and solid strategies: "It's not about being good, but about being unique!"

AURORA COLANTONIO Digital Marketing Strategist

Her passion for digital marketing blends with her love for creativity, art, and innovation. Fascinated by new ideas and constantly seeking unique ways to balance artistic beauty with data and insights. For her, wonder comes alive when she designs and creates something she is fully satisfied with. It is in those moments that she can fully express creativity and turn ideas into tangible realities.

MARTINA BERTESI PR & Communication

Following a degree in Media & Advertising and a specialisation in Digital Marketing, she entered the world of communication and public relations on tiptoe with an experience bag ready to be filled. With a fashion designer in the family, fashion has always been her bread and butter. Although it may not be a habitat she chose for herself, she has never wanted to leave. Knowing how to communicate is an art, and it is in art that resides that bit of Wonder that belongs to each of us.

ALESSIA MARA Social Media Manager & Copywriter

After graduating in Humanities for Communication and completing a dissertation on Visual Storytelling, she embarked on a career in Copywriting and Digital Marketing. She has a love of detail, creativity and beauty in all its facets, and has been contributing to the digital projects of the boutique agency The Meraviglia since 2022.

ELEONORA GALEAZZI Art Director & Designer

Piacenza-born and Milanese by adoption, Eleonora works for communication agencies and design studios dealing with art direction, graphic design and creative thinking in projects with national and international clients. Her career is peppered with her passions, including cinema, travel, culture and music. Her motto is ‘Life is too short to be boring’. It’s always good to put yourself out there, to be a little crazy and to leave room for wonder, each and every day.


Alessandra is a freelance writer and copywriter with a strong background in humanities, having graduated in Classical Literature, Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics in Milan and Paris. Her aim is to promote collaboration with magazines and journals through the production of content and articles related to culture, travel and lifestyle. Wonder for her is a real way of life and a way of looking at the world.

ENRICA MURRU Fashion Editor

After earning a degree in Communication Sciences and specializing in Fashion Journalism and Styling, Enrica Murru has always worked in her chosen field: written communication. Over the years, she has handled this mysterious object in various forms: as a press office professional, author, social media strategist, and copywriter. Additionally, she has been teaching web content management at IED Moda in Rome for some time. The common thread that unites all of these experiences is the in-depth exploration of the practice of storytelling, from finding the most suitable tone-of-voice to convey a concept to bringing forth the "wonder" that each story holds.

GIOIA GIUSTINO Visual & Aesthetic Editor

Specialized as a Fashion Editor, she works as a consultant for luxury companies. Her passion for writing and photography is evident in her role as Editor-in-chief of Balancæ, a broad-spectrum coffee table book that serves as a flagship for her stylistic imprint; the publication and her journey in the publishing world continue to this day. Fashion and poetry merge in her styling and art direction projects for fashion companies, as she acts as a storyteller and hosts poetry columns for international fashion magazines. For her, the wonder lies in the poetic aesthetics of words and in creating a communicative vision that is impressive.


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A Contemporary bohemian soul, immersed in a botanical atmosphere which is expressed through the majestic narrative of fashion and creativity . Joyfully born in Colombia and spiced with some Italian and German roots. Graduated of Fashion Styling and Creative Direction at Istituto Marangoni Milano. for Isabella , Everything starts with her favorite source of‭ ‬inspiration‭: ‬the creation of God‭, NATURE ‭. ‬The beauty that comes from every living being‭; ‬from a flower to a seed‭, ‬from a plant to the see‭. ‬The idiosyncratic Nature is the fragrance of her ideas and the essence‭ to make creativity feel alive‭.‬