Creativity and strategy
in a single brand agency

Thanks to our many years of experience as a communication and fashion agency in Milan, we’re able to implement marketing plans by devising winning, tailor-made strategies.

Our role is to find the most creative and original ways to communicate haute couture brands to the general public. To do this, we develop Marketing Strategies that start with a careful market and positioning analysis, with the aim of building unique and effective identities, ready to be conveyed to users in both the online and offline worlds.

“The dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keeping awake the sense of wonder alive in the world.”

Branding agency:
we help you communicate your value

We work alongside our clients throughout the digitalisation of their business, from branding to web design, from web development to content creation geared towards achieving high performance and engagement on communication channels.

Our Branding Agency is united in listening to the client’s idea and working together to transform it into a project that guarantees measurable results and the certainty that every single part is analysed, designed and implemented according to the best technology on the market.

Identify your goals with a digital strategy tailored to your needs

We believe that every brand has a story to tell.

The Meraviglia, which has worked in publishing for years, builds communication strategies capable of narrating a product without distorting it, enhancing it with a touch magic. We accompany brands and projects in the most critical stages of their digital conversion by proposing integrated brand positioning strategies.

Branding projects in pure The Meraviglia style are unique and distinctive because they are always different. From social insights, we create content that meets people’s needs and adds value in the form of entertainment. With the support of Influencers and Instagrammers, brands gain more visibility and character.

Curate your image
with a social
media strategy
and create real connections

Social networking sites are places of encounter, conversation and sharing where communication becomes dialogue, opening up endless possibilities for brands.

Mastering the world of social media means taking advantage of these opportunities.

The Meraviglia supports brands to define strategies, objectives and content, choose the most suitable channels and tone of voice, and learn how to interact with the audience.

Creativity, storytelling and visual design are the key ingredients for success.

Increase your brand reputation with copywriting

With a defined communication plan and targeted copywriting strategies, The Meraviglia is the branding agency that conveys your company’s values and creates connections with readers.

Our editorial team consists of copywriters who know how to tell stories worth talking about and create content that people want to see, share and interact with.

We develop communication strategies fine-tuned by the creative skills of our copywriters, who for years have been telling people all about the missions, values and ideals of dozens of brands every year, all through the art of storytelling.

This tailored one-to-one approach allows us to provide a dedicated service, stimulating public interest and guaranteeing excellent results.

We promote a company’s identity through original and engaging stories, always respecting tone of voice and values.

Manifest your desires and create unique experiences

The team at The Meraviglia is at your disposal to organise different types of corporate travel.

Discovery, sharing, exploration – these are the key words when it comes to planning an immersive and all-encompassing experience like a company trip. Whether organising a weekend away or a multi-day experiential trip, our focus will be the same. We look to create unforgettable moments during which participants rediscover the pleasure of being together, getting in touch with their own authenticity.

We select the best accommodation and transport for an impeccable welcome, and we also plan moments of relaxation and fun together. If you want, you can add extra activities selected according to your wishes to the mix, making it even more special and unforgettable. Get ready to live the dream!


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